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Word Salads


What a great idea is a salad of words. Word salad. The OED says ‘a confused or unintelligible mixture of seemingly random words or phrases, specifically (in psychiatry) as a form of speech indicative of advanced schizophrenia’. Much very my tea of cup!

City Flowers


Just writing a piece about 1968 and children’s book illustration ( I was two in 1968 and Flower power coloured my upbringing. The interesting thing was how it hung around beyond the hippy era. In Medway – where my roots lie – the blossoms of the 1980s were tough and perverse little weeds.

Present Tense

DanceBooksHorseheadSquattingLa compteLegsCoffinCastle.jpgHonest.jpgHanging

I call these drawings Present-tense drawings as they are made from flying, on-the-hoof thoughts, very much in the moment.



Butterfly and Bell

I'm busy



A few years ago, Jacques Lecoq’s wonderful text ‘Le Corps Poetique’ (which reflects on teaching physical theatre) made me see the body afresh as a superbly expressive tool. I made some drawings about flirtation as a result. Here, the first couple are mutually captivated; the second turn inwards and away; the third show off their mutual balancing act; and the final trio are locked in self-conscious hesitation.


Pantomime Horse

Lady and Dwarf 1


BelljarBird and Bed 1On all Fours 1Moneybox 1Toy horseHandleWaste not, want not 1

Calder Colour

Calder cover openCalder inside spreadAlexander Calder is a hero of mine. I have just made a colouring sheet based on his wiry way of drawing.